Are you stuck trading time for money?

I’ve talked to quite a few people lately that have recognized that they are the constraint for their business. In order to make more money, based on the way they are currently working, they personally need to work more hours.  The problem with that approach is that they’re already working more than they’d like to […]

Cash is King…

I had the chance to talk with one of my fellow PBCA members (Professional Business Coaches Alliance) the other day who is also a CPA.  I always find it interesting to get his perspective because I (like a lot of people) sometimes get overwhelmed with financial jargon. Unlike some CPAs, John does a great job of […]

Is the Price Right?

We had a great discussion this morning at a BANG! meeting about the need and the fear of raising prices.  The general consensus was that everyone had entertained fears that a price hike on their services would drive away clients. We also generally agreed that the reality, assuming you had quality service that wasn’t a commodity, […]

Do you celebrate success?

Over time, I’ve been exposed to a bunch of different motivational books, programs and shows and most of them cover at least the following basic ideas: Have a goal or vision in mind before you get started. Clearly articulate (in writing) what that goal or vision is. Come up with a way to track progress, […]

So what are you implying?

A few weeks ago I referenced SPIN Selling for an article and I thought I’d follow up with a quick overview.  It’s a great book (highly recommended) and it’s a must read if you are involved in large ticket sales in any way or if you just like to understand some of the science behind business. […]

Are you Networking Productively?

I’m currently taking the shotgun approach to networking.  I haven’t yet found that really productive niche or two, so instead I’m going to pretty much any event that I can within a 20 mile radius.  It’s pretty tiring, but I think it will pay off in the long run (and I’m meeting a lot of […]