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Aspire helps clients in a lot of different ways, but if you want a couple of great examples check out our Client Success Story featuring Brock Stechman of Brockton Creative Group and Brian Hattaway of ProCore Resources.  It’s a quick 2 page story that really illustrates how we work with clients!

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We work best with clients who are ready to make something happen and open to ideas and accountability.  If you’re mostly happy with where your business is currently performing, then we’re not for you.  But if you know you could do more, you could make more money, you could free up more time, then you will want to give us a call.  We guarantee that we can help you – or your money back!

Client Comments

“My sister and I hired Shawn over a year ago. At first we thought we would just need him for 3 months…it turns out that we need him EVERY MONTH! He has completely changed our business model and has shown us a new way to run our business after running it the same for 8 years. I can honestly say he has changed my life as a small business owner..all for the BETTER! Words can’t describe how happy I am with his service and ideas for my business. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is struggling with their business and needs new and creative ideas. Plus his check list that he provides are PRICELESS to my sister and I. Instead of working IN our business we are working ON our business!”

Kristie WinterTwin Fitness

“We are partnering with Shawn to establish systems, processes and management practices in our growing company. Our management team finds Shawn to be capable, smart, and creative. He is helping us develop and implement a balanced score card and facilitate our management team to grow and build synergy. In the past few months, our organizational culture has changed for the better due to Shawn’s efforts. Thank you Shawn, for all your efforts. I highly recommend Shawn’s services to any high-growth company.”

Reggie Chandra Rhythm Engineering

“Shawn has been a tremendous resource and provided invaluable guidance to our practice. Our firm has worked with Shawn for over a year now and the results have surpassed our expectations. I’m not sure where we’d be without him!”

Garrett GriffinBridgeBuilder Estate Planning

“I visited one of Shawn’s weekly networking groups, BANG (Business Accountability Networking Group), and decided to join. As a new business owner trying to succeed, his advice and tips have been extremely helpful. Whether it was a new marketing idea or help organizing and prioritizing the various tasks I am dealing with, Shawn and the BANG group have provided me with creative and innovative ideas to streamline my business and reach further out into the community for business prospects. Additionally, Shawn has been extremely helpful in introducing me to other new business owners who have become new clients. He speaks from experience, and his optimism and support are invaluable.”

Mike VandebrakeVandebrake and Baker CPAs

“Shawn is a great coach and mentor as we grow our business. He understands our business very well and is great at connecting us to the right people. Shawn keeps us accountable and we “step it up a notch” each time we meet with him.”

Courtlan TelfordPrimopoint Consulting

“Meeting Shawn at a Chamber event, just a few months after having started my own business, was great luck on my part to say the least. Not only is Shawn approachable, friendly, and funny but you immediately get the sense that this person is genuinely interested in you, your business and the issues that you struggle with.”

“I got to know Shawn better when I joined his Business, Accountability Networking Group ‘BANG’ and was impressed with not only his dedication to help people but also his amazing ability to come up with great ideas to guide you towards resolving business problems or creating new opportunities. Shawn makes himself readily available to his clients, even I suspect at his own inconvenience at times, and makes it a priority to refer and introduce his clients to others he knows for the sole intent of helping us help ourselves.”

Maggie Lee Lee Associates

“Thanks for a great morning. I am absolutely the kind of person who needs some perspective in the form of a kick in the butt. That’s why I am glad to be in the group. Thanks.”

Tobin TruogBrain Bucket

“Shawn,  You definitely have a gift. I came out of that meeting with a tighter focus just from the questions you asked.  Thank you for listening…”

Dan MeltonNonprofit Technologies

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