What is Business Development / Coaching?

FAQBusiness Development / coaching is a relatively new profession that helps business owners to plan better, take better actions and improve their bottom line results.

Many business owners get caught in the trap of working IN their business rather than ON their business. They will be burned out working really long hours even when they’re well past the start-up phase. They will be frustrated with continuing cash flow problems or lack of success with their marketing programs. They will be tired of not being able to hire or keep great resources that care about the business as much as they do. Or they will simply be tired and not having as much fun or feeling the passion they had when the started the business.

This is where business development comes in. Business coaches meet with the owner on a regular basis for an extended period of time to set goals, create strategy, ensure actions are being taken, provide tools, train the owner and staff, measure results, and refine strategies.

What do we do when we meet?

Initially, you meet with your coach on a weekly basis, and the focus is getting to know each other so that the coach learns your business strengths and weaknesses. Then together, once we have identified the areas of greatest need and have identified some untapped opportunities, we develop an action plan for moving forward. This is followed by assigning you specific actions to take before next week’s meeting.

Every meeting we discuss your prior week, i.e. what you specifically did to move your business forward, exchange ideas about upcoming projects or challenges, and develop another action plan for the upcoming week.

Is this another name for consulting?

No. While a business coach definitely does some consulting, a consultant does not coach.

A pure consultant is basically a specialist dealing with a certain area of a business. Consultants come with an agenda, plans, and systems. They already ‘know’ your business and will help you get your business into their ‘solution’ they have determined to be correct. You receive a report or end up implementing their system into your business and the consultant walks away.

A Business Development coach doesn’t concentrate on a single area, doesn’t necessarily prepare formal reports, doesn’t concentrate on ONLY the business, and doesn’t leave once a specific project is completed. A coach is there for you – 24 hours a day – to help you, guide you, motivate you, improve you, and improve your entire business. Coaches enter into a partnership with you, without an agenda. They do not have canned plans and systems, although they do have great experience and access to effective strategies. Coaches want to explore with you what the possibilities are. They help you create your own systems and procedures to fit you.

“Improve me and my business.” What does that mean?

As the owner, it is up to you to lead your company to where you want it to be. However, you may not be conscious of all of the areas of your business that, if addressed, can have massive results. Very often, business owners like you are too busy doing the everyday tasks.

We will help your maximize your strengths. You will be trained on leadership, relationships, strategy, motivation, productivity, and organizational skills.

Your coach also focuses on your personal life. The business world has seen thousands of great leaders that are miserable with their personal lives, and the effects are disastrous. The line between your business and personal life is too closely connected to ignore the effects on each other.

If this sounds like it might be of interest, you need to contact me and we’ll get together for a no pressure discussion to see if it makes sense to work together.

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