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As a business owner you’ve got a lot on your plate.  You’re fighting fires, trying to find and keep the best employees, find a reliable way to keep your pipeline full of opportunities, deliver on your products and services…and oh yeah…you’d like to see your family every now and then as well.  Growing a sustainable business is hard, not only do you need to understand all the ins and outs of the game of business, you’ve also got to have the time and resources to actively drive your business to where you want it to go.

At Aspire we sell Focus, Clarity and Momentum to business owners who are ready to get off the treadmill and start finding the right ways to grow their business and take back control.  Do you own your business?  Or does your business own you?  If you suspect the latter and you’re feeling pretty exhausted, frustrated or just know there’s a better way, then it’s time to talk to Aspire.  We can help you invest in the right kind of program that’s going to deliver meaningful results (bottom line dollars and taking back the control) that you’re looking for.  When you started your business you had a dream of how you wanted it to be – now’s the time to make that dream real – and that’s what Aspire is all about.

We work with business owners in several different ways:

  • One on one discussions evaluating, strategizing, planning and implementing effective systems with a high degree of accountability.
  • Peer group advisory boards and coaching that brings networking and brainstorming opportunities along with coaching direction and facilitation. Peer Group Advisory Boards
  • In-depth Financial Benchmarking and analysis Business Effectiveness Analysis
  • Interactive workshops with multiple business owners focusing on strategies and action for all fundamental business areas. Business Effectiveness Series

Once we’ve started, our job is keeping our clients …

  • Focused, on-track, clear, and accountable for what they want to bring about.
  • Energized and upbeat about all of the wonderful possibilities and joy their business can bring them.

Do You Own Your Business?

(or does it own you?)

  • Focused, on-track, clear, and accountable for what they want to bring about.
  • Energized and upbeat about all of the wonderful possibilities and joy their business can bring them.

Are you trying to grow your business?

You Feel like you’re stuck, flying blind or perhaps wrestling with some hard questions like:

  • Your marketing isn’t effective as it should be.
  • Revenue or revenue growth isn’t what you want
  • You’ve hit a plateau and you’re thinking ‘Now what?’
  • You’re exhausted from working way too many hours

then check out 1 on 1 business coaching

Maybe you work better with a team:

  • You’re looking for new ideas, new perspectives and the chance to work with other business owners?
  • Talk about marketing with a peer group
  • Stay focused – be held accountable
  • Get new ideas on how to grow your business

then Check into a peer group advisory board: Peer Group Advisory Board

You are looking to jumpstart your business

You could use a 1 time low cost, high value assessment that will look at your business fundamentals, your marketing, your overall business strategy of where you should go next and more – you should look into a Business Effectiveness Analysis with a Professional Business Coach.

You Want help with making your team better

We can help you with a whole range of great services like:

  • Training Options for you or your team (ask about workshops and customized training we can deliver for you).
  • Powerful Assessments for hiring, leadership and management and coaching (such as Extended DISC or customized assessments).
  • Seminars and workshop training opportunities – we do regular public workshops, generally at least once a month on a variety of topics.

The Business Coaching Services page has more details.

If you’re really not sure what you could use,

please request a free business coaching consultation. (put consultation in the comments box)

Want to get better results from your networking?  It’s a key part of marketing and business strategy. Check out the Networking Tips or Download the free 18 page report ‘Explosive Networking’

Aspire is a business coaching firm located in Leawood Kansas, but we work throughout the Kansas City metro, including Overland Park, Olathe and the rest of Johnson County.

If you are interested in growing your business, getting control of your time or just getting things moving in the right direction, we will help you develop a business plan and a business strategy.  You will get tangible help on marketing, finances, human resources, leadership and other key business activities.

Contact information:

Shawn Kinkade or Chris Steinlage

Phone: (913) 660-9400

email: info@aspirekc.com