Premium Business Advisory Meetings:

solution-1-on-1We will meet 1 on 1 on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). Although we will spend a lot of time talking about you and your business, the heart of the process is ACTION and making things happen. Together we will assess where you are, where you want to be and create and implement an action plan that will get you there. The recommended minimum duration for this level of advising / coaching is at least a year. Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic wand and meaningful change and improvement take hard work, time and effort. (See FAQs for more information)

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BANG! Peer Group Advisory Board:

brainstormBrainstorming, Accountability, Networking Group (BANG!) – BANG! is a peer group advisory board approach that uses a facilitator and a ‘Mastermind’ model to help you and your fellow business owners drive to excellent results. You will meet with a group of up to 5 other peer business owners (not in your industry) for 2 hours every 2 weeks. As a group, facilitated and led by a licensed business coach you will both receive and give powerful advice, expertise, and support that will generate incredible momentum for you and your business. All of that at a fraction of the cost of 1 on 1 coaching!

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Business Effectiveness Analysis:

plan-beaThis comprehensive evaluation questionnaire, which you complete, provides us with a “snapshot” of where your business is today. Additionally, we can use your financial statements to do an in-depth benchmarking comparison to your industry peers.  If it makes sense, this information can also be used to perform extremely powerful what-if types of analysis to help you drive your business.  After you have completed this, we will schedule an appointment to review this with you and develop an Action Plan. A 90-minute consultation is included.

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Aspire’s Growth Council:

1498775Growing a business is challenging and unfortunately it’s not as simple as just working harder to make it happen.

Successful business owners who do scale their businesses understand a few key principles that make it possible to take things to the next level.  That’s what the Growth Council is all about.  This is an annual program that’s a combination of a Peer Group, Educational Workshops and 1 on 1 coaching – a proven formula to help business owners conquer their next peak.

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Other Services:

Extended Disc® Behavioral Profile Analysis: This is a powerful tool, which provides powerful insight into you or your team’s natural behavioral and management style. This is a simple 24 question assessment which is completed online. The outcome is a very thorough report which we will review in detail with you if you’d like. This assessment can be a great tool for getting a better understanding of how you should deal with others most effectively (staff, clients, even family and friends). This assessment is also a great tool for evaluating your staff to determine the tendencies and make-up of the team. It will provide you with greater insight on how to achieve maximum performance from your existing team or what types of resources you need to hire to fill out your team.

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Critiques and Other Single Sessions – If you have an area that you would like feedback on, such as your marketing strategy, developing a specific ad, etc., We are available for a one time, 1-2 hour session. (Maximum of four per year)