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Do you want to make more and work less?

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Scaling a business is hard. And as a business owner, you know what that climb is like.  You wouldn’t still be in business if you weren’t doing things right, but there’s still a lot of mountains to climb before you get to the next level in your business. And going it alone makes it that much harder. It turns out that it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top – in fact, that’s where Aspire’s new Growth Council comes in.


The Growth Council is a new program for 2018 and it’s specifically tailored for business owners who are looking for practical ideas on exactly how to scale their business – the whole point is to figure out how to make more and work less.  To that end, Aspire is pulling together a facilitated Peer Group of at least 10 business owners who will participate in quarterly high-impact workshops focused on the 4 P’s of growth – Products, Profits, People, and Planning.  Additionally, the group will also attend 4 additional ‘expert’ networking events during the year that will spark even more critical ideas. And you’ll have support all year long from professional advisors who have been there and done that with all sorts of businesses.


Bottom line – as part of the growth council, you will learn the critical ideas that you need to perfect in order to scale, you’ll learn how to implement those ideas from certified business growth advisors and from your peer business owners, and… you’ll build a lot of great relationships that will pay huge dividends down the road.


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What are you doing to grow…smarter?

As a business leader, you are constantly fighting all kinds of battles to make things work…and that’s just to keep things on an even keel. Finding the right ways to get your business to grow is a whole different proposition.  Ideas are a dime a dozen (just browse Amazon for a few minutes) – the key is finding the right ideas that will help you scale and figuring out how to implement them.


Enlist the power of the group:  That’s where Aspire’s Growth Council comes in: Learn the 4 keys to growth and talk about how they apply to your business in a group setting that will spark new ideas and give you a different perspective.  The power of a great facilitated peer group will also help you stay focused and keep you accountable. You will end your year stronger than you started.



What is Aspire’s Growth Council?

The 4 P’s Growth Workshops – Quarterly

  • 3 Hours each quarter – a unique blend of Professional Group Workshops and Peer Group Mastermind
  • Increased knowledge, confidence, and impact to grow profits, improve your team, and free up your time.
  • 10 to 15 Business Owners plus 2 strategic Certified Professional Business Coach/Advisors
  • 100% money back guarantee.


Workshop #1 – Product Growth (setting the stage for scaling) – February

  • What products or services should you be focusing on? Which have the most potential for growth?


Workshop #2 – Profits and Pricing (Making Profit First) – May

  • Reviewing your numbers, what you’re actually making… and what you should be making!


Workshop #3 – People (Creating Accountability and Getting the Right People in the Right Seats) – August

  • Analyzing your current team and building accountability into your organizational structure.


Workshop #4 – Planning (Creating a Simple, Effective, Strategic Business Plan that you’ll actually use) – November

  • Develop your own 2-page, simple business plan that will help you drive the next year.


4 Additional Expert Education / Networking Events – Quarterly

  • 2 hour, late afternoon sessions – 1/2 the time with a guest speaker and 1/2 networking w/ adult beverages.
  • Topics – Culture, Sales, Understanding Financials, Getting Organized, Marketing, Negotiations (final list TBD)
  • Will include the core group plus additional business owners and professionals


Quarterly 1 on 1 check-ins

  • Short 1-on-1 Meeting with Chris or Shawn from Aspire
  • Focus in on how you will implement all the great ideas you’re getting exposed to


Free Access to Monthly Business Book Review Events

  • Group Council Members can attend Business Book Review Events for free ($240 value)



Who is this for?

This is an excellent program for business owners who love to learn and are looking for better ideas and ways to improve themselves and their businesses.  Ideal candidates would have at least a few employees and would be trending towards $1M to $10M in revenue.  This is an exclusive program, with only one company per industry allowed.



What’s the Cost / Investment?

This is a 1-year commitment for 2018.  You’ll not only be learning a lot of great ideas, but you’ll be building relationships with other business owners – which is why we need the commitment.  Costs (two ways to pay):

  • Quarterly Payments – $2000 for the year ($500 per quarter), includes workshops, experts series, 1-on-1 check-ins and access to Business Book Reviews
  • Pay up Front – $1800 for the year (save 10%), includes workshops, expert series, 1-0n-1 check-ins and access to Business Book Reviews


We are so confident you will get more value than the cost of the program that we offer a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with Aspire’s Growth Council


Sign Me Up – I’m ready to make 2018 a fantastic year by being part of Aspire’s Growth Council!