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solution-1-on-11 on 1 strategic advising / coaching is for business owners that are ready to do something more.  If you know that you could do better and you’d like to get there faster or just enjoy the process more, you should consider this approach.

We work with you, the owner, on a regular basis ( we would start out weekly and go to semi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly as needed) to set goals, plan with you, strategize with you, prepare action plans, and hold you accountable, to get you and your business performing at the highest levels.

Obviously the details will vary based on your particular situation and things you’d like to focus on, but at a high level, the overall process look something like this, with the inner arrows indicating the iterative steps we would take together and the outer circle reflecting the outcomes we would be shooting for (improved cash flow, increased business value, etc.)


Finally, one of the keys of the whole thing is the focus on measuring and documenting at each step.

Coaching Process


We are not magicians. We will not promise that by simply hiring us or attending one of our workshops that you will achieve instant prosperity. But we do promise that the application of the basic tenets of successful businesses that we implement will do FAR more to move you to your goals than any consultant, seminar, or discussion with a relative can!


We will stretch your thinking

We offer our insights, built on years of experience, to help you see new ways of doing things. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective to find your way through a challenge

In working with us over the next year, we will help you: drive more people to your business, sell to them more effectively, service them better so they buy more often, and manage your finances – better than you ever have previously. In addition, you will have more money and free time to do things outside of work that you enjoy.

Ultimately we do what works for you, our only goal is to make you successful.  Therefore, it is important that we only work with business owners that are serious about winning the game of life and the game of business.

You might be thinking “how much does this cost?”  If you could solve your 3 biggest challenges this year for way less than it would cost to hire a receptionist, would you do it?  The actual cost depends on what you need, but it’s an investment that will easily pay for itself many times over.

If this sounds like it might be of interest, you need to contact me and we’ll get together for a no pressure discussion to see if it makes sense to work together.

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Shawn Kinkade or Chris Steinlage

Phone: (913) 660-9400
Email: info@AspireKC.com

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