Chris went above and beyond to help me better my business

my core values, and my business structure and depth. He was incredibly responsive and I often felt like he was a vested business partner who gave me a tremendous amount of support.

Small business expert

Shawn may be the best-connected small business expert in Kansas City. He’s also read every business book ever published (or so it seems). He is an incredibly knowledgeable resource for anyone interested in running their small business better.

98.5% of coaching clients

said their investment in a coach was well worth the money.

Thank you, Chris for helping us

get to where we are today! You have been such a Blessing for us! Business Coaching has helped fill in so many gray areas and shed more light on them for us.

It turns out that we need him EVERY MONTH!

At first we thought we would just need him for 3 months…it turns out that we need him EVERY MONTH! He has completely changed our business model and has shown us a new way to run our business after running it the same for 8 years.

Kristie Winter
Twin Fitness

Now I can’t imagine not having a coach.

Prior to hiring Chris,  I had heard of the concept of a business coach, but I didn’t know I needed one. Now I can’t imagine not having a coach. No matter how large our company grows, I expect to have a coach.