Why Do I Need Coaching

CoachingMaybe you are the founder of your business. Maybe your business is doing pretty well and remaining competitive in your market. Maybe your people seem reasonably happy. Good for you. Why should you need a coach to make changes in your business? Couldn’t you do it yourself?

You are a capable and take charge type of person or else you wouldn’t hold the title “owner”. Of course you can make changes to your business yourself – but do you do it consistently and with an overall plan for the big picture you’re trying to create? How often do you spend time creating a long term outlook and then implementing strategies to make it happen?

If you just want to survive, you may be able to do this by yourself. If you want to thrive then coaching is for you.

Ask this question – “Why does Tiger Woods have a coach?” Is your business the Tiger Woods of your market? Do you think you could compete with Tiger if you didn’t have a coach? Even Tiger Woods understands the importance of ongoing coaching.