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5 Things I Learned from the Growth Council

Just this past week, we kicked off our new strategic advisory group that we call the Growth Council.  In a nutshell it’s a group of 12 business owners, across different industries, with different size businesses who are all interested in learning how to successfully scale their business.  As a group, we’ll be doing a few […]

Your Business – Roller Coaster, Merry-go-round or Bumper Cars…?

Amusement Parks have been evolving for hundreds of years.   The oldest park in the world is Bakken, located in Klampenborg, Denmark.  It first opened in 1583!  Currently, in North America, there are approximately 400 amusement parks of various different degrees and themes.  And, Florida wins the tournament as far as having the highest number of […]

What’s the Point? 7 Quotes for Global Entrepreneurship Week

It’s the start of Global Entrepreneurship Week – a time to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit, but also the time to encourage it. As a business coach, I have the great opportunity to work with business owners and entrepreneurs every day of the week (and I love my job…!).  So in addition to having my own […]

Sven and the bike – When Business Growth doesn’t really matter…

At Aspire we spend a lot of time helping businesses grow, but occasionally we’re reminded that some small businesses work best as they are.  You can copy an artist but you’ll never duplicate them.  Such was the case with a recent visit to Sven and his bicycle shop in Anaconda, MT. A Flat Tire…. My […]

The Most Important Business Lesson of 2015 for me: And all it cost me were two close friends

This is a guest post from my friend Stephen Heiner – Stephen has the unusual (unique?) situation of having successfully sold one business only to move to Paris, France and start several more – here’s a big lesson that he learned in 2015. It’s not a subject with easy answers: can family or friends work […]

How Do You Get Motivated to Build Your Business?

Building a successful business is a challenge – even when you are doing everything the right way. And if you’re not positively motivated…if you aren’t chasing after something that you’re really excited about, the grind is going to wear you down sooner rather than later. Let me give you an example – I met a […]