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What does Zorro have to do with your success?

You may not know this, but it’s been repeatedly proven in scientific studies that Happiness drives Success. That may initially feel counter-intuitive but when you think it through it makes sense. Remember back to a time when you were performing really well. More than likely you were focused, you weren’t nervous or anxious or scared, […]

A Framework for changing…

I hope you don’t ever have this discussion, but imagine the situation where you are sitting down with your doctor after a bunch of tests and he gravely informs you that unless you make some drastic changes to your lifestyle (diet, exercise, stop smoking) that your heart is going to give out in the next […]

Why Finding Time for Reflection is Critical for Your Business

It’s easy to get out of control with your business – especially when things are going well. Imagine you’re in a car, speeding down a winding mountain road.  And it’s dark and raining. And your headlights aren’t working. And you’ve got to be somewhere in the next 2 hours… but you’ve forgotten where you need to […]

Is Stress Killing your business?

We live in Interesting Times…a breeding ground for stress – especially for small business owners.  Indecision in the marketplace.  Indecision in the political arena.  Will you make payroll?  Getting your pricing right.  Keeping the pipeline full.  Catching up on a huge list of critical stuff to do. All very stressful…and that stress has a lot […]