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More engagement? Replacing Managers with Coaches?

As a business owner, do you ever feel like you’re treading water? Or worse, actually losing ground? Some of that might be due to challenges in the marketplace, but more than likely it’s an impact of not having the right people on your team… or to put it another way, not having a team that’s […]

Focus on the Pattern, Not the Problem…

Does this sound familiar? Imagine you have a person on your team (or maybe one of your kids) who consistently ignores a rule or maybe they consistently apologize for breaking the rule and always have some kind of creative excuse for falling short. This came up the other day when I was talking to a […]

How do you build influence and engagement? Try this…!

Would you like to have more influence on the people around you?  How much impact would it have on you (or your business) if your employees completely engaged with you? How much more effective would you be when negotiating with a client or vendor if you could quickly help them to trust you and to […]

Now that’s a great question…

If you’re not asking the right questions, you aren’t going to get the right answers.  In the world of coaching and advising business owners, that is one of the most critical factors in moving a client forward. It isn’t about just asking questions; it is about asking the right questions. The power of a great […]

Need more focus? Try the GROW model…

Prefer to listen to the blog post? Click the Play Button Below:   When’s the last time you felt stuck when it came to resolving a challenge? Every day we’re faced with decisions. Most of them are quick and easy – things that you decide on almost an unconscious level. However we’re also faced with […]

The Power of Accountability

As business coaches, our job is to help business owners develop bigger, better businesses. If you’re actively trying to build your company, then you should be looking for an advisor / coach / mentor to help you. What can a coach help you do? OK, business owners are you ready for some full disclosure?  Measuring […]