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Is it time to add an employee?

Almost every business model has a positive correlation of employee growth to revenue growth – that is, you typically need to hire more people in order to generate more money from your business. If it’s a good business model, that revenue growth more than covers the new employee expense. If it’s not… well it probably […]

Building Your Championship Team

If you’re tired of reading about the Kansas City Royals you may want to stop now.  But the bottom line is, these Royals offer so many take-a-ways for success in business (and life) it is almost a disservice to not write about it in a forum created for that.   Plus, it provides a few more […]

Are you Drafting Your Fantasy Business Team?

In the last week, approximately 40 Million Americans drafted their Fantasy Football Teams.  The craze has grown into an industry with annual spending revenue projected to approach $1.7 billion this year by the Fantasy Sports Trade Assoc. I think it is safe to say this idea was a hit! What if you could draft a […]

Winning Advice – Hire Quality People

“Hire Quality People” It was on a piece of paper, given to me by a dealer mentor when I bought my dealership in 1997. A handwritten recipe with 5 areas I should master to have a successful business. In fact, the entire hand written document only contained about 200 words. There was no fluff, just […]

6 Steps to hiring with confidence

One of the most common challenges we hear from business owners is successfully hiring good employees. One would think with the national unemployment rate still over 8%, the available talent pool would be well stocked with highly quality candidates eager to be the next superstar in your company. But the unfortunate reality is there are […]

Do you have the Right People on the Bus?

  photo by Jerry A lot of thought over the years has gone into what makes a business great. In the business classic “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, 5 years of painstaking research led to a lot of interesting conclusions about what separated great companies from good companies (and all the rest). Some of […]