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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Workers’ Compensation

This is a guest post from Mike Khorev (see bio at the end) – Thanks Mike. Efficient business leaders go the extra mile when motivating their teams. They praise, recognize, and provide a sense of security. That was the message by Peter Rossi in the article: Ways to Boost Employee Motivation. This post is all […]

How to Navigate Divorce in Your Family Business

This is a guest post from Jori Hamilton (see bio at the end) – a difficult topic, but one that’s worth thinking about for a lot of business owners. Divorce is sure to change your life on many fronts, especially if you own a family business with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. A family business is difficult […]

Does the way you sign your name put you at risk?

As a business owner the list of legal disputes, claims, and exposures you are at risk for is almost unlimited.   It seems when you think you have heard it all, another business finds itself in an unsolicited spotlight.  The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Lawsuit from 1994 inspired Jerry Seinfeld to use it for a storyline  and […]