Friday Mashup of topics…!

I was brainstorming what to write about today and I ended up being inspired by several things, so rather than limit the goodness I thought I would share them all. First up was a good article by Wendy Marx blogging for Fast Company on Personal Branding:  Personal Branding Steps  The point of the article is […]

Do you plan naturally…?

 There are a lot of good quotes out there about planning.  I was thinking about some next steps for my business and thought I’d do a quick search for quotes to get inspired.  Here are few that caught my eye: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow” Proverb Quote I’m sure I’ve seen […]

Business Effectiveness Analysis? (Case Study #1)

I’ve previously mentioned the Business Effectiveness Analysis that we offer to clients (in the last newsletter).  If I do say so myself, it’s a pretty powerful tool that provides an industry benchmark comparison and  ‘what if?’ scenarios to preview your businesses’ future financial performance and answer questions like these: Do we have enough cash flow for next year […]

Do you choose great customer service?

I’m on a newsletter list for The Simple Truths which is an online company that specializes in inspirational books and CDs for the workplace.  The owner, Mac Anderson, was previously the founder for Successories and has taken a similar approach with books and movies that was so successful with motivational prints. They have a great article (part of a chapter […]

What Myth are you buying into?

When I completed my tour of duty at my corporate cubicle farm a few years ago, I was going to take a totally different direction…escape the rat race and buy or start my own small business. Despite that conviction, I will admit that I fell for one of the more pervasive myths that are out […]

Poker Night Thoughts on Business

We had our ‘regular’ poker game a few nights ago (regular in this case meaning the first one in about 4 months) and had a really good time.  This is not a big money game – for this particular group it’s way more about the competition and just catching up and having a good time. […]