You only hit what you aim at – are you aiming high?

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Inspiration is a funny thing.  You can’t touch it, you can’t always explain it or where it came from but it’s important to occasionally get it renewed.

As a small business owner, if you’re not inspired by something you are likely headed for a long and painful decline.  Unlike the corporate world or working for someone else, there’s really no where to hide.  The good news is that you only answer to yourself.  The bad news is that when you aren’t buying into it, no one else is either.

It’s difficult to do your best work, sometimes difficult to just get out of bed when you’re not inspired.

It’s difficult to display leadership, sell your product or service or deliver impressive results when you’re not inspired.

Where does your inspiration come from?

“In the long run, men hit only what they aim at. Therefore, they had better aim at something high.”                            Henry David Thoreau


I think Thoreau was onto something here – most people go into their business with a vision of how they want things to be, what they want to achieve and how that achievement will make them feel.

As a quick side note – that’s why it’s important to put your vision on paper and revisit it every now and then.

I had a chance over the weekend to become re-inspired by my vision of what I want to do with my business.

The Professional Business Coach Alliance ( ) had their first annual meeting this past weekend and 55 Licensed, Professional Business Coaches (LPBC) from all over North America got together in Orlando to meet others, learn what’s working and what’s not and at least in my case, get inspired by the future.

I think the thing that impressed me the most over the weekend was the overall quality of the coaches in the Alliance.  Everyone in the room had an impressive resume and many of them are running very successful business coaching practices and helping a lot of businesses become bigger, better and more fun.

That’s my vision – continued learning, helping others reach their vision and making a positive difference (and enough money to keep the family happy…).  Not only do I think it’s a great vision – now I’ve met a bunch of people that are already making it happen that willing to help me get there.  That’s pretty inspiring.

What’s the inspiration for your business?  When’s the last time you gave it some thought or assessed where you are?  Share your thoughts here or if you’d like any help thinking it through, just give me a call.

Shawn Kinkade

2 thoughts on “You only hit what you aim at – are you aiming high?”

  1. Tobin Truog says:

    Welcome Back!

    Sounds like it was worth the trip. Two quick thoughts…how about instead of a “breakeven analysis” worksheet – use something that calculates more of a client’s vision of the future.

    and two –

    tap into that inspiration thing you’ve got there. Many of us have experienced that “inspiration creep” where we keep doing our business but have lost site of the stuff that really drives us.

    Good job.

    See you soon.

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