Vacation, all I ever wanted


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Vacation – had to get away. Sure I’m dating myself with the Go-Gos, but it is a really catchy song.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m leavin’ (on a jet plane) for Colorado for a week with the family. We’re spending a couple of days in Denver and the rest of the time in Estes Park. We’re also going to catch up with some old friends that we haven’t seen in too long, so that will be great.

Vacation for me is a time to recharge, not obsess about work, spend (hopefully) quality time with the family and get some good photo opportunities (the attached picture is from last year’s trip to Oregon – beautiful place).

I’m always amazed at people that bring their work with them. I might bring a business book to catch up on, but I’m not bringing the laptop, I’m not planning to check messages and I’m not planning to really get anything tangible done next week.

There have been a lot of studies done on the importance of taking a break. Your productivity, your creativity and your health will all take a negative hit the longer you go without getting away.

So what do you think about vacations? How many vacations do you take a year? Do you hold yourself to that every year, even when you’re swamped?

Take care and I’ll see you in a week.

Shawn Kinkade

2 thoughts on “Vacation, all I ever wanted”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog entries, Shawn. I like how you weave in personal experience with ideas, suggestion and technique for people to consider. It’s very accessible and fun to read.

    And..Oregon is beautiful! That’s where my husband is from; Oregon coast.

    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Thanks Judith – I actually got several really good pictures from our trip there a couple of years ago but this was probably the most impressive.

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