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Blogging is a great way to promote your business.

There are a lot of great reasons why you should Blog for your business but the catch-22 is that blogging without any readers doesn’t make any noise in the forest (you know what I mean).

As I’ve discovered over time, although it’s pretty straightforward (not easy mind you, but straightforward) to blog consistently and with good intent.  However, getting people to find you and check out your blog (and subscribe) is a whole different ball o’ wax.

I would argue that quality (of readers and of postings) is way more important than quantity, but still everyone wants to grow their readership and more importantly become part of a blogging ‘community’ of similar interests.

That’s why I think Michael Martine at Remarkablogger came up with a great opportunity to Get Web Traffic

  • Check out the aspiring bloggers on the comments list
  • Sign up for their feeds if it’s something cool that you would enjoy
  • Leave a comment and let ’em know someone is reading them

But definitely make sure you check out Remarkablogger because he almost always has something worthwhile to say!  (also don’t forget to comment here!!!)  😉

Shawn Kinkade  Kansas City Business Coach

1 thought on “Remarkablogger – Get More Traffic!”

  1. Sundi says:

    OK. OK. I know. Blogging is on my list of things to do! Along with SEO. You know the feeling you get when you sit on the front row on Sunday morning and you get the impression the homily is ALL ABOUT YOU! I get that way when I read a blog about the reasons I should be blogging…thankfully you aren’t the only one who keeps “knocking on my door” Shawn!

    Create an amazing day!

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