Is your business an All-Star?


On Tuesday evening, July 10th, 2012, baseball fans around the world will watch the annual Midsummer Classic – the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. With Kansas City as the host city this year, it’s a tremendous time for people all across the entire region to stand a little taller, show your pride, and take ownership of the slogan the Royals organization has been chanting for months. “This is Our Time”.

For the people of Kansas City this truly has been a time to showcase what makes our little part of world special. In the 40 years since Kansas City hosted an All-Star game a lot has changed, but for the most part, the heart of the people, what makes the Midwest a great place at it’s core, has remained unchanged. It has been inspiring to see how the entire metro area has rolled out the red carpet in preparation for this event. For anyone in the area, it really is a time to be proud.

It is also pretty safe to predict that many businesses in Kansas City will set 5 day attendance records that may never again broken (unless one day we host the Superbowl…it is fun to dream!) That achievement alone is an All-Star accomplishment, but what would make a business an All-Star? What about your business? Is your business an All-Star?

Webster’s defines…

All-Stars: ….as…outstanding performers or participants.

Business: …as…commercial or mercantile activity (producing) a means of livelihood

So an “All-Star Business” would simply be an outstanding performing business producing a means of livelihood. Sounds simple enough, but the opportunity lies in uncovering how an “average business” makes that jump to “outstanding All-Star”?

Could three Baseball Legends provide the key?

Maybe…Let’s simply inject a business word twist on comments from three of the greatest baseball players in history; Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Sandy Koufax. See what happens when you swap the underlined word with the business twist. Warning! Consistent execution of the results could create an All-Star Business.

“My ability to fully focus on what I had to do on a daily basis made me the successful player (business owner) I was”    – Hank Aaron.

The ability to focus and prioritize what’s really important definitely lies at the heart of long term success!  Do you and your team have a clear, consistent focus on what’s really important?

The way a team plays (works together) as a whole determines its success.  You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play (work) together, the club (business) won’t be worth a dime.  – Babe Ruth

Many an entrepreneur learns this lesson the hard way.  It’s your passion and expertise that allows you to start the business, but if you don’t learn how to make it a team game and get everyone working together, you’re not going to get very far.  Are you using all of the strengths from every member of your team?  Is everyone on the same page?

I became a good pitcher (business owner) when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball (talking) and started trying to make them hit it (listening).                     – Sandy Koufax

It’s exhausting and not practical to force your will as a business owner onto every aspect of the business.  As the leader it’s your job to set the direction…and then listen to your team on the best way to make that happen.  Are you listening and engaging or commanding and controlling?


So what do you think? How does your business align with these three ideals once you cast them in a business light? Are you on your way to becoming a Business All-Star?

It is time for all us to say, “This is our Time!” and start creating more Business All-Stars!  We hope you have enjoyed the All-Star Events. Feel free to share any thoughts you have on this in the space below. Your comments are always welcome.

Chris Steinlage        Kansas City Business Coach

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  1. Joe Steinlage says:

    Amen brother! Business is so much like sports. Another point is that in business as in sports, a team is often limited by its weakest link. I would also add that even individual sports like wrestling require the individual (wrestler) to work with a team of trainers in order to allow the individual to be an all-star.
    Go Billy!

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