Great Marketing and a Local Search Visibility tool

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Can your customers find your business when it comes to searching locally?

Back in April when Google released / updated Google Places they also shared that 20% of all searches done on Google included location…translating to nearly 3 Billion searches using Google data from March!!!

Beyond that, a recent study done by comScore and 15miles that asked ‘What’s the first thing you use when searching for local business information?’ had some interesting results on Local Search

As you might expect, the large majority of consumers look online first, but the statistics vary quite a bit by age range.  The blended number for everyone was  that 70% look online first,

  • 55 and older going online – 56% first
  • 35 to 54 going online – 69% first and
  • 18 to 34 going online – 81% first

Combine those two ideas and it’s pretty clear that if you have a business with a local presence…if you sell locally at all, you need to be found through local search results.

Easy Tool to Use

One local search company is helping you figure out where you stand with an easy to use, helpful tool.  AdCuda has created a local search visibility tool that is not only a really helpful tool, it’s a brilliant example of how to market effectively.

Click over to the tool using the link above and you’ll see the opportunity to enter the name of your business along with your primary zip code.  Hit enter and you’ll get back results on whether you are listed in 10 popular local search listings or not, a letter grade on how you did and an easy to read table of the offerings you could select from AdCuda if you wanted to improve your results.

Great Marketing

What makes it great marketing?  First of all it’s easy to use and easy to grasp – the business benefit / outcome they deliver is getting you listed and helping you get found with local search.  The tool quickly gives you a clear picture on whether you need help or not.

The tool and the other information on their site also demonstrates their expertise and credibility.  You don’t need to guess if they know what they’re doing, they’ll show they understand how things work.

Finally – it’s totally a no-pressure approach.  They don’t save your information, you can try the tool out as often as you like and the resulting offers / information give you a wide range of affordable choices that clearly outline what you’ll get.  There’s enough information that you could probably do the work yourself…but it would be much easier to have them do it.

What’s your grade on local search visibility?  If you haven’t been aware of it and you sell locally at all, it’s a low cost way to get a great boost to your visibility.  Share your thoughts on the Local Search Visibility tool or local search in general, I’d love to hear them.

Shawn Kinkade  Kansas City Business Coach

1 thought on “Great Marketing and a Local Search Visibility tool”

  1. Shawn,

    Thank you so much for including our local search visibility tool in your discussion on the importance of being found locally online. Local is gaining more and more in the search results — almost 25% of the clicks on a results page are on the local map listings. This is especially true for searches on the go, like those on cell phones and GPS.

    Thanks, too, for being a great resource and cheerleader for small business in Kansas City. We are grateful to call you a friend.

    – Jennifer

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