The Power of Positive Thinking?

So I saw in interesting article in the Men’s Journal (May 2007 – I’m not doing a good job of keeping up with the backlog…). Anyway, the article was titled “Think Yourself Stronger (how sports hypnosis boosts performance)”.  The essence of the article was that the author was trying sports hypnosis as a way to […]

The point of networking?

…So my approach going forward is to be friendly, be approachable, try to be somebody’s first friend (as suggested by Scott Ginsberg here: especially once I’m not the new guy).

Just Get Started…

Welcome to my Blog…and welcome to my new Business. As you would probably guess, there are always a million things to do when you are on your own and setting priorities and goals becomes even more important than the corporate world.  One of my goals was to jump into blogging but for one reason or […]