Great Networking Opportunity!

I had the chance to go to a great monthly networking event last week called Principal Connections.

It was hosted at the Bonefish Grill in Leawood and is a charitable Benefit for Marillac (a non-profit supporting troubled children).  It runs from 11:00 to 1:00 and costs $15, but all of it goes to Marillac and it’s tax deductible.

There were several things I liked about the event:

  • The food and the atmosphere was very good and it made for a nice relaxed setting for meeting people.
  • The format of business owners or principals only meant that you were meeting people that are either on your list or know people on your list.
  • Tying the event into a charitable cause is a great idea – everybody wins, always a good thing.

The only real drawback was that larger attendance would have made it even better – hence the reason for getting word out!

It’s on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and you can sign up for an invitation here.  The next one is on September 18th so you’ve got plenty of time to get it on your calendar.

If you have questions you can also contact the sponsors of the event:  Brian Pauls at Per Aspera, Stephen Heiner at Get Smarter, or Pat McGinnis at Speedpro Imaging

If you only go to one networking event next month, it should be this one (although I would strongly recommend that you go to more than one networking event next month – just make sure this is one of them).

Do you know of any great networking events – I’d love to hear about them, share them in the comments.

Shawn Kinkade