A splash of color – 4 Blogs that are email worthy!

I’ve been really busy the last few months (which is a great problem to have these days), but it’s been challenging to keep up with all of the great stuff that’s out on the internet.

I pick up a lot of ideas for articles and blog posts from Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) when I get the time to surf a bit – or if I’m doing research.  I also have a lot of blogs set up on various RSS readers, on my Yahoo home page, my Google home page and even some just tucked into odd corners.

I also follow blogs from a variety of local folks that I see around Kansas City that I think are very good – here’s a few – Sarah at Dog Eared Pages of course.  Although I haven’t met him personally, I like Sam Meers at Smoke and Meers and a couple that  new to blogging,  Tara Renze at Prospects to Partners and Jason Terry (of the upcoming Blue Gurus) are going to be good reading.

On a national level, there are just a few blogs that I value enough that I sign up for their email feed – several of them because they have good content, but more importantly because I just enjoy reading them.  These are the kinds of emails that you look forward to reading – a treat to look forward to.

Here are 4 of them that add a real splash of color to my inbox!

Naomi On IttyBiz

In the professional world, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the world is a colorful place and that not only is it okay to be  yourself, but sometimes being  yourself can make all the difference – of course it helps if you are genuinely funny, demonstrate that you care about the people you are writing to, give valuable advice and ideas and…have a mouth like a truck driver.

Here’s a recent post from Naomi on How to Become Rich and Famous on the Internet that will give you a pretty good idea of her style and substance.  She makes great points, but she’s also consistently very funny!

The Wealthy Freelancer

I haven’t been following this blog quite as long as the others, but I have found myself reading, saving and occasionally forwarding several of his posts (which is fairly rare for me).  There’s a lot of great information here for any business owner (not just freelancers) and he has a good voice / writing style.

This post on using an effective pick-up line is very good.  I love the simplicity and the practicality of the approach, well worth the time.

Jonathan Fields – Awake at the Wheel

I’ve never met Jonathan, but he has a fascinating story behind how he got to where he is today – the typical former power lawyer in New York that burns out, starts a Yoga clinic, figures out how to make it insanely popular, sells it for a lot of money and becomes an author and respected thought leader / blogger all in a few years.  It happens all the time…!  😉 

Seriously – I would challenge you to read his blog for a couple of weeks and not be totally impressed by how much he’s just himself.  He’s a huge success story and he’s more concerned with family, friends and posting interesting and insight articles.

This is an older post from last year on Slogan Train Wrecks – very funny, insightful and overall a good read.  Jonathan has a lot of variety in his posts (which is hard to do) and he shares my joy of finding the right image to lead with.  Check him out.

Brian Clark and the rest of Copyblogger

There may very well be better blogs out there than Copyblogger – but if so, I don’t think I’ve found them yet.  Copyblogger started with Brian Clark recognizing a need to instruct all of the would be bloggers on how to bring copywriting skills to their blog.   Of course he writes about much more than copywriting, but most of the topics tie into that theme in some way.

Brian also has other Copyblogger writers – and all of them are excellent (I especially like a lot of the stuff that Sonia Simone at Remarkable Communications writes).

Here’s a post that I think will give you an idea of what you’ll find at Copyblogger – Ernest Hemingway’s top 5 tips for writing well – maybe it’s because I’m not a writer, but I find almost every post I read on this site (and there are a lot of posts) to be really helpful, extremely thoughtful and generally very entertaining – it’s the best of the web as far as I’m concerned.

What are your favorite blogs?  The best of the best?  Share your ideas here – I’d love to hear them and add some more color to my inbox!

Shawn Kinkade  Kansas City Business Coach

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