5 ways to make your Leap Day…leap!

One of my high school classmates was born on a leap day, he still can’t legally drive and his 21st birthday (84 for the rest of us) is still decades away!   We only get that extra day every four years; just one day added to the calendar.  It’s 24 hours that you never had the last 3 year and won’t have for the next 3.  

Seriously, if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, why not Leap Day? This was the question my classmate was posing a couple weeks ago as his rare birthday was drawing near.  Which begs the question, what are you going to do with your Leap Day?

If you need some ideas, here’s 5 great ways you can make the most of your Leap Day and maybe help your business at the same time.

  1. Make Leap Day a Pay-it-forward day.  Encourage everyone in your business to do at least one pay-it-forward act throughout the day.   This is so easy to do and so easy to forget to do.   If you have a team meeting shortly after Leap Day, provide an opportunity to share some of the pay-it-forward acts.  The comments will inspire you.
  1. Clean out your Inbox.  How many emails do you have that are older than 30 days?  60 days? Longer?  Are you really going to do anything with them?  Maybe it’s time to either archive them or delete them altogether.     
  1. Call 4 business contacts you haven’t talked to in over a year.  You have them in your database for reason, reach out to them.  See how they are doing, update them on something new you have to offer, see if there is anything you can help them with. 
  1. Have a Pizza Party or other inexpensive company lunch.  It’s a great way to make the day memorable, do something special, and have let your team know the are appreciated.  If lunch doesn’t work, may you could bring in donuts or do something after work.
  1. Share your next four-year plan with your team!  What are your aspirations for the business in 4 years?  It can be at a high level; but sharing your goals and casting the vision is energizing for your employees.  However, if you’re planning on selling or exiting the business before the next leap year, you may want to commit to sharing your four-year plan with a strategic advisor who could help guide you through the process.

What about you?  Are you going to do something with your extra time on the 29th of February? Anything special? Any traditions?  Do you know anybody who was born on leap day? You may as well make the most of it; after all it will be 35,040 hours before you get another extra 24 just like it. Happy Leap Day and Happy Birthday Phil!

As always, we value your comments in the space below. 

Chris Steinlage Kansas City Business Coach