Unique Employee Benefits That Will Actually Keep Your Team Motivated

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This is a guest post from Derek Goodman – see his info in the bio at the end of the article…

As a small business owner, you want to keep your customers happy. The key to happy customers? Happy employees. By providing your workers with the benefits and incentives they need to stay satisfied, you can keep them motivated and ensure peak performance. The modern workforce has evolved and today’s workers have higher expectations when it comes to benefits.

Get the word out

When you’re planning on rolling out some new benefits and incentives for your employees, give some thought to how you’re going to announce these perks. A company-wide email can do the job, or you can have some fun and create some eye-catching flyers for the office. With an online flyer maker like Adobe Spark, there’s no need to hire a graphic designer to design your flyer. Simply choose from thousands of flyer templates and add your own text, color scheme, and images.

Read on to discover some attractive perks you can provide your employees.

Offer innovative wellness benefits to nurture employee health

A workplace fitness culture will benefit you and your workers alike. As Corporate Wellness Magazine explains, a healthier workforce can lower absenteeism. Meanwhile, workers can appreciate saving money with perks like free gym memberships or office yoga. You can also organize more innovative fitness events like an excursion to a climbing wall.

Give workers access to on-site health benefits

Preventative care is a critical component of long-term health and wellness. However, it can also be costly—not to mention time-consuming to schedule appointments around work. Make it easy for your team by providing in-office health care, like preventative checkups or dermatologist checks. Research suggests that in-office clinics encourage workers to better manage chronic conditions and can even improve workplace productivity.

Provide coaching to further workers’ careers

Odds are your individual workers have dreams and aspirations for their future. Provide the coaching they need to realize their visions. Some bosses may think that this means their employees will simply leave them sooner. However, Workplace Psychology explains that it also benefits the company as it can improve productivity, enhance performance, and nurture staff development. Mentorship programs are another great way to help workers thrive.

Offer flexible working arrangements when possible

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have shifted to remote work, at least on a partial basis. Workers are increasingly interested in this kind of flexibility and there is a growing trend towards breaking free from the traditional nine-to-five schedule. While remote work isn’t possible for every role, giving workers flexible arrangements when possible can be a great motivator.

Provide commuter assistance for on-site workers

For workers who can’t work remotely, look for ways to make the commute to and from work easier. You can help organize and pay for vanpooling, for example, or provide complimentary public transportation passes. Depending on your business type, you may also be able to provide certain workers with company cars. For example, if you have a sales team that spends time on the road, providing a company car is a logical perk.

Consider student loan pay-downs for debt-ridden workers

Higher education is notoriously expensive in the United States, and the odds are good that quite a few of your employees have student debt. New legislation tied to the U.S. coronavirus relief bill makes it easier for employers to help pay down their workers’ loans. You can contribute up to $5,250 annually to a worker’s education debt. As a silver lining, that contribution is tax-free.

Survey your employees to find out what they want

When you go out of your way to provide your employees with benefits, you want to ensure that they are actually appreciated and utilized. Don’t just blindly pick and choose perks for your workers. Ask them what they want! Conduct employee satisfaction surveys at least once per year. This is a great opportunity to ask people what additional advantages they might like to see.

Your workers are what keeps your business going, day in and day out. Employee benefits can help keep them motivated, ensuring they continue to give you their best effort.

Derek Goodman is an entrepreneur. He’d always wanted to make his own future, and he knew growing his own business was the only way to do that. He created his site Inbizability, to offer you tips, tricks, and resources so that you realize your business ability and potential now, not later.

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