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Accounting for Startups: Top Challenges and Solutions

This is a guest post from Mike Abelson (see bio at the end) – thanks Mike. Breaking out of job restrictions and becoming the master of oneself is a great milestone that’s exciting as much as it’s challenging. Any entrepreneur knows that launching a startup will be a long journey to success, with many unforeseen […]

The Small Business Guide to Bookkeeping and Invoicing

This is a guest post from Kristie Wright (see bio at the end) – thanks Kristie. Accurate and concise bookkeeping is the backbone of any successful small business. This aspect of operation may seem tedious, but it’s crucial that you track your expenses and earnings in order to keep the entire system functioning smoothly! Not […]

How To knock out several goals at once!

photo by ed ludwick  The following is a guest post by Mike Vande Brake, partner at Vande Brake and Baker CPAs. It’s nearly time to begin making those New Year’s resolutions, the wishful thoughts borne out of our guilt for the things we typically let slip. Lose weight. Exercise more. Eat fewer sweets. You get […]