Seductive Interactions: a tech take

Today I’d like to share a guest post by SusanaB, Chief UI Consultant for FluidUI.  Her world is all about developing better interactions and her post is an interesting perspective on how a UX designer takes into account how people think and work.

Susana does some cool stuff – here’s a quick rundown from her:

We create intuitive user interfaces for web, mobile and software. Our user-friendly clients include Sprint, Hallmark and emfluence. Give us a holler at 816.561.2315.

Seductive Interactions

SlideShare’s “Seductive Interactions: An Art & Science” is an engaging presentation on design strategy. Of the 175 clicks I found click 85, most valuable – its title: What Do We Know About People?

they listed my ux take

We’re curious

Don’t list features and functions, let users discover them

We’re also afraid of change

Forecast changes and promote upcoming redesigns

We seek patterns

Be predictable, have consistency in menu, headers, colors, etc.

We like to order and organize things

Sort options, customize pages, Flickr Organizr

We’re intensely self centered

Tell a friend, favorites, iLike, StumbleUpon

We’re lazy

175 click slides are manageable w/a jump feature

We’re visual thinkers and learners

Thus SlideShare and demo video popularity

We like to be the hero of the story

We promote our thoughts and actions (blog, tweet) more than others

We don’t like to make choices, but we like choice

We are entice by Chrome’s market growth, but we just can’t leave FireFox

We like to be in control (and to be guided)

Allowing users to choose when to upgrade and provide demos

We find novelty and surprise interesting

New features and functions keep us coming back for more

and so on

We can generalize about people/users, but should always seek their feedback and act on it

Thanks for reading my hero story. Here is the Seductive Interactions show, for more novelty and surprises.

Thanks for the thoughts Susana

Shawn Kinkade  Kansas City Business Coach