Kids (& Entrepreneurs) can change the world!

The really fun thing about kids is that they have the confidence that they can do anything.  They want to believe in the fantastical – that Harry Potter spends his school years at Hogworts, that Percy Jackson has a pen that turns into a magical sword for monster killing.  That they can explore the world, find new horizons and create amazing new things!

I think they’re right.

I remember reading science fiction when I was a kid (I know – the nerdiness started early…) and imagining all of the fantastic technology that would be out there in a few short years – we still don’t have flying cars yet, but I think mobile phones, electric cars, flying suits, GPS systems and the Wii would all qualify as incredible innovations!

The point is that we live in a time when people have the capabilities to create a business that can hit millions in revenue with little to no formal advertising (just some viral videos).  Yes these are dark days, but they are also great days to step up and make something happen.

What are your thoughts about today’s business climates and possibilities?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Shawn Kinkade  Kansas City Business Coach