It’s official – Twitter is now mainstream

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We have officially turned the corner on Social Media…it was only a year or two ago that Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and related stuff was almost exclusively the province of 20-somethings or technology geeks.

However the big news came out just last week…Twitter is the top word of 2009!

According to the Global Language Monitor, which examines language usage across the world, "Twitter" beat out "Obama," "H1N1," "stimulus," and "vampire" to take the crown. Interestingly, "2.0" came in at sixth place.

I’m not sure what that means for society in general (isn’t there something else to talk about?) –  however as someone who’s done more than 20 social media workshops in the last year or so, I can tell you there may be a lot of people talking about Twitter, but a lot of the conversations are along the lines of: ‘Twitter – I don’t get it, why would anyone care what I had for breakfast?’.  (hint – they don’t).

If you’d like a starting point – here’s a quick Twitter guide that can help you get started or you can check out one of my up coming workshops (always fun for the whole family).

Now that Twitter and Social Media are mainstream – what does it mean to you?  Are you using Social Media for your business?  Share your thoughts below.

Shawn Kinkade   Kansas City Business Coach

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