Is Your Business Thankful?


How thankful is your business?   With it being the week of Thanksgiving, there may be no better time to ask that question.   Maybe the more important question is how thankful would your customers say your business is?

Most businesses are in some mode of growth.  Unless someone is intentionally trying to sabotage or methodically wind down their business, they are typically looking for stronger numbers on their bottom line year over year.   That growth mindset naturally drives them to marketing and looking for additional business.   But that mindset can also expose their current customers to be left feeling unappreciated. Those current customers are the ones who are already making an investment in your business.

Businesses, like people, tend to think more about what they don’t have than what they already have.  We dwell on the deals lost more than the deals we have won.  The reality is you should feel a whole lot better being thankful for the business you have, than fretting over the business you don’t.   So let your customers know; do something simple and sincere and let them know you appreciate their business.    When is the last time you simply reached out to your customers and said, “I am thankful for your business?”

“Thanksgiving, after all, is a word of action.”
– W.J. Cameron

There is also the significance of looking inward at your business and being thankful.   Don’t underestimate how it impacts your employees, co-workers, or other team members.    A business may have a strong team of employees where 95% of their efforts are benefiting the business, but it is the 5% of missteps that gets all the attention. That can leave the entire team feeling demoralized and unappreciated, when they could instead be acknowledging the 95% to be thankful for.   Which focus would produce the most positive results?   Continuous improvement should be part of every businesses mantra, but remember high tides do raise all ships.

What would your customers say about your business?  What would your employees say?   What would your vendors or other business associates say?   Let your customers know you are thankful for their business.  Maybe you can’t talk to each of them personally, but today there have never been more avenues to reach out and say thank you.

In that spirit, during this week of Thanksgiving, we would like to say thank you to all of our clients past and present.   We truly value your business and hope our efforts in working with you and your business is impacting it in positive way.  That is our goal.   Thank you to our business partners who think of us when you see a successful business facing some type of challenge and trust our model to be the means to help them through it.   And finally, thank you to our friends and families who support us.  We truly are thankful.

Chris Steinlage Kansas City Business Coach