I keep getting these Linked In invites…

So what is Linked In???

Linked In is a great online networking tool that can generate very tangible offline benefits – if you use it right! 

See below or check out www.linkedinKC.com for a great workshop coming to Kansas City on April 25th.

Although Linked In has been around for several years now and has over 19 Million current users, most people don’t really know what it is or how to best use it.  Here are 3 ideas and an important invitation to get you started!!!

Use Linked In to help build your business: 

You know who your target market is for your business and in fact you probably have a wish list of companies that could really accelerate your success (either as partners or as your key customers). 

Using Linked In’s search functions, you can quickly and easily find contacts within your target company that may already have a connection to you.  That’s the time to work your network and get an introduction to that connection – and Linked In can map out exactly who you need to talk to to make that happen. 

Even if you don’t have a direct contact, you can likely find the person you’d like to meet and learn all about them (because they’ve got a complete profile).

Increase your visibility and your Google page rank

By fully filling out your own profile and keeping it up to date, anyone that searches for you, your company or your skills and keywords is likely to run across your profile. 

In fact, your ideal strategic partner may be out there right now trying to find you – a well written profile will make that much more likely.  Additionally, with almost 20 Million users, Linked In profile pages tend to do very well on Google, which can be a direct road map to you and your business.

Be recognized as an expert at whatever it is that you do: 

Linked In’s Answers functionality allows you to ask and answer hundreds of questions a day and really show off your knowledge and expertise. 

When you’re selected as the best answer, you start building up your expert credentials, and people will find you, check out your profile and go to your web page (Linked In is one of the top referral sites for my website – primarily from Answers and I haven’t even done that many yet…).

How can I learn more?

I’m glad you asked.  😉

If you would like to learn more about these ideas or a lot more than can really get you connected, then you need to go to the first ever Linked In KC workshop event on April 25th!

This 1/2 day workshop is going to be held at the Overland Park Sheraton from 1:00 to 7:00 on Friday April 25th and is going to feature:

  • a special Keynote address from Linked In executive April Kelly
  • 4 value packed workshops to help you really get the most out of this great tool and
  • 2 hours of networking (with included appetizers and a cash bar) with hundreds of the most connected people in Kansas City.

If you’re interested in the details or registering, contact me at AspireKC.com or go directly to www.linkedinkc.com but hurry, ticket prices go up after March 15th!!!!

Shawn Kinkade  www.aspirekc.com