Get More Done: Actionable Tips for Productivity in Life & Business

One thing’s for sure: there’s only so much time in a single day to make the most of. In today’s society, many seem to believe that the more you work, the more successful you are. However, this doesn’t prove to be true at all in most cases. Many who take this route tend to struggle to achieve the results they want. We’ve all heard it before, but working smarter is often more beneficial than working harder.

As you grow both in life and within your career, it’s important to be happy and stay motivated in order to progress. If you aren’t progressing, you likely will not be able to expand your knowledge, carry out constructive planning, or find monetary success. Real progress can actually be easily achieved if you make better use of your time during work hours. In fact, you could get all if not most of your work done if you’re most productive over a few hours rather than working from dusk to dawn.

Everyone works differently. Here’s your chance to tap into your max productivity by finding out what will help your lifestyle and achieve your goals. Following are some ideas that you can take action on today to help you become more productive.

Manage Your Priorities

Productivity goes hand in hand with being strategic in your workflow, especially when it comes to time-sensitive duties. It’s not about completing all tasks as fast as possible, rather, it’s important to get each done on time and in the most efficient way possible.

Determine what assignments are most urgent and set a deadline for each one. If you aren’t the best at hitting deadlines, start small and don’t overwhelm yourself as this will only negatively affect your business. Assign yourself three important tasks for the day so you can easily complete them and feel successful. If you’re not quite sure what to prioritize, try asking yourself, “What’s the one thing I could be doing that would have the greatest impact on all of my goals?”.

Use Tools To Your Benefit

Nowadays, we thankfully don’t have to feel the pressure of remembering anything and everything. There are countless tools and software that can help you meet your goals in no time, so take advantage of them. For some, it’s going back to the basics with pen and paper. If you prefer, you can even customize your own agenda and tailor it to your workflow. For others who prefer to go digital, apps and programs such as Evernote, Calendly, and Todoist are just some of the many popular productivity apps and tools to choose from.

Whether you’ve learned something new, are taking meeting notes, or have a pressing due date to remember; use a technique that’s going to benefit you. These tools also promote improved time management. Even though you can’t add more hours in a day, it’ll be easier to handle your given time to complete your responsibilities. As you become better organized, you’ll notice you’ll be able to get things done without as many obstacles. 

Look and Feel the Part 

When you imagine yourself in the future thriving in your business, do you picture yourself in your bed and pajamas? It’s highly unlikely. Being successful and consistently productive follows with being in the right mindset. However, work-from-home jobs and careers focused on individuality are on the rise. In this generation, there are increasing opportunities to become entrepreneurs, run your own business, and watch it flourish. But with no morning commute to work or reason to look business professional, it can be difficult to feel you’re living the part. While you may not have to go into your workplace every day or at all, presentability still matters.

When you feel put together, this not only helps you get into the right mindset but also boosts your professional appearance to look more approachable. Dress in casual business attire each day with comfortable shoes, a button-down, and dress pants with some stretch to them. Comfortable but still professional. Try some formal updos with your hair, or consider trimming and cleaning up. To top off your appearance, wear a pair of sleek and classy eyeglasses to complement your facial structure and draw others’ eyes to yours. This further ensures when the time comes that you’re on a Zoom call or at a business event you can feel confident.

In a similar light, the appearance of your home office also promotes confidence and productivity. When you have a cluttered workspace, it can create a cluttered mindset. Investing in real office furniture for your workspace will promote productivity, as well as giving your space a professional look and feel when on remote calls or if clients ever need to visit you in person. Something as small as having a dedicated work desk will help you remain organized and give your home office a more professional feel.

 If you don’t have a workable spot for your office, consider going to a cafe or finding a coworking space to connect with others.

Find Inspiration in Your Team

It can feel impossible to get anything done if you feel uninspired. Sometimes, all we need is a little influence from an outside source. Do you work with a team that motivates you to do better and better every day?

Whether it be your coworkers, friends or family, or even a mentor; find an inspiring figure or two that can help guide you through challenging times. It may seem like a small thing, but sometimes, all we need is that little reminder. People like this are not only there for moral support, but also to learn from. Hearing about others’ experiences will motivate you to move forward on your own path. Plus, spending time with others contributes greatly to a healthy work-life balance.

Your Productivity Starts With You

You can’t be fully successful if you’re not in the right headspace when it comes to your mental or physical health. Don’t ever put your health on the line for your career, life is too short…! Burnout is a workplace phenomenon employees can feel if they are constantly swamped with work and don’t experience enough accomplishment. Luckily, you can spot the signs of burnout as it starts and before it gets worse by listening to your body and taking note of your work performance.

Ensure you’re slowing down once in a while and including time for necessary self-care. When you sleep well, eat well, and get out to socialize, you’re giving yourself the best chance to have a great and productive day. If you feel lost at times, allow yourself to sit, think, and reflect on the important things in your life. Many find that journaling helps get back in touch with their inner self and encourages a positive perspective. The more you believe in yourself, the more you’ll find rhythm in your work and the vision you have for your life will become a reality.

Remember: just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re staying productive. Productivity is about focus and giving yourself the chance to recharge. With a little attention to your to-do list, mindset, and motivators, you’ll find that you can achieve much more throughout your days. Again, as Allen F. Morgenstern once said: “Work smarter, not harder”. 

Do you have a trick that improves your productivity during the workday? We’d love to know what helps you produce your best results.

Shawn Kinkade Kansas City Business Coach