Social Media is Changing Inspiration – Get Back Up!

The world is truly an amazing place and what’s really made that clear is the enormous change we’re seeing with the transparency and the availability to see things.

In the past, if a major news organization or television show didn’t make a topic, an event or a person a priority story – more than likely you wouldn’t know anything about it.

Today, for virtually no cost, almost anyone in the modern world can put a story into the reach of millions of viewers…immediately.  Sometimes that has shocking implications if it’s a video of a terrible shooting in Oakland or a miraculous plane landing in the Hudson. 

But not everything on YouTube is shocking or horrifying.  It also allows a platform for truly inspirational stories that many people might not have seen a couple of years ago (or seen at all 20 years ago).

Attached below is one of those stories – this is a 5:00 minute video that will move you and whenever you’re feeling defeated, I would suggest firing this back up as a reminder that you can get back up and the important thing isn’t how you started or if you struggled, it’s how you finish!


If the video above doesn’t work, use this link – Get Back Up

Shawn Kinkade  Kansas City Business Coach

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