Do you need to simplify your business?

photo by albertopveiga

Does it ever seem like life gets too complicated?

Does your business get so crazy that you constantly feel like you have to play the ‘Hero’ – come in and pick up the pieces and save the day?

Have you ever had a potential customer say to you:  “Now what is it that you do…exactly?”

Simple is underrated when it comes to success in business.

Let’s start with your potential customers…what’s the simple benefit that you offer to them…boil it down, get it to the essence.

In today’s overwhelmed world – people don’t have time for complicated messages.  One of the reasons Twitter and Facebook status updates continue to grow in popularity is because 140 characters will force you to keep it simple.

His point about what Google does is very telling:  “Google provides access to the world’s information in one click” .

If Google can keep it simple, then we should all be able to do the same.

The other benefit to keeping it simple…from an operational and delivery perspective is that it’s much easier to streamline and optimize simple processes (and delegate them to the appropriate level of staff people).  Running an overall McDonald’s franchise is a complex operation, but when you break it into small enough…and simple enough pieces, you can have the new ‘Fry guy’ up and running like a pro within a couple of hours.

What could you simplify in your business…or in your marketing message?  What’s one process in your business that’s over-complicated?

If you had to describe the benefits you deliver in one sentence, what would you say?  What would your employees say?

What are some great simple business models that you’ve seen?  Share your thoughts in the comments below…but keep them simple and to the point!  😉

Here’s my latest ‘simple’ take for Aspire:  Kansas City Business Coach selling focus, momentum and clarity to business owners who are ready to grow their business.

What’s yours?

Shawn Kinkade  Kansas City Business Coach