Clear Reasons: Why You Need Digital Marketing For Small Business

This is a guest post from Sunny Popali – see his bio at the end of the post.

In a nutshell, digital marketing is ensuring your online presence in any form on the internet. It could be getting yourself advertised on social media, having a website of your own, a YouTube channel. 

Here are some facts that will tell you how incredibly powerful digital marketing is –

  • With the internet getting more and more accessible, the overall number of people online is increasing every day. In 2018, around 3.03 billion people were using social media which constituted for almost half the world’s population.
  • Around 93% of web traffic comes from search engines.
  • Around 82% of people before buying a product, will go online to do a quick search regarding the product.

All of these stats should tell you about the power of digital marketing. If digital marketing scares you, there’s always the option of working with agencies like SPOPLI Web Development & Services.


Are You Postponing Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

Most businesses will have a bunch of reasons as to why they’re putting off digital marketing. But, in the end, procrastination is the only reason – truth be told.

Small businesses think they don’t have enough funding or resources to undertake such a campaign.

They may think that they are still learning the ropes of digital marketing or that the customers will somehow come to them naturally just by existing. But, that’s nothing more than relying on luck. Some businesses are even okay with dealing with only a handful of customers.

This is not an ideal or healthy approach at all. There’s no guarantee that just by existing you will attract customers. On the other hand, with the proper digital marketing tricks, your business could grow exponentially. 

So, quit procrastinating and get going!

Top Benefits of Digital Marketing for Businesses

Influences buyers 

With digital marketing, you can get your brand/product endorsed by local celebrities. Platforms like social media, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter are all places where you can find influencers. These are people with a significant number of followers. You can pay them to advertise your brand, which can influence the masses on a large scale. The beauty is that you don’t have to contact expensive celebrities to endorse your brand. These influencers can generate interest for your product even if you have a small budget.

Get to know your customers

Never in history was it so easy to know your customer directly. There are no middlemen. You get to interact with customers directly. Businesses can conduct surveys to find what the customers want, what they expect! What they would like, their pain points, etc. By paying attention to comments and listening to their DMs (direct messages) on social media – you know exactly what your customers are saying.

You can also find out who your ideal customers are. For example, are they working moms? Are they retired individuals? Perhaps they are professionals or college students. 

There are countless tools you can use to gather data about them. You can get details like – demographics, age, buying preferences, their income range, etc. Accordingly, you can target them and also create products that meet their needs.

What’s more, digital marketing allows you to establish a direct relationship with your customer. By responding to their queries, you can establish a sense of connection with clients. A sense of personalization gives users a reason to stick with you forever.

It allows you to reach and target the right audience

Instead of reaching out to anyone and everyone, you can devise your marketing efforts around your ideal audiences. For example, if your ideal customers are college-going youngsters, you can develop ads targeted at them.

This kind of narrowing-down of your efforts cuts down on your expenses. It also creates room for a highly personalized form of marketing that is also result-oriented.

Your customers expect to see you online

What to know why you need digital marketing? Because your customers expect to find you online. You too must have tried Googling a local business sometime. You would know that not finding your favourite brand online can be a bit frustrating. 

Your customers are also doing searches about your business. They are already looking out for you. 

When a person is curious about any business, the first thing he or she will do is look for it on social media or try finding its website. People expect these things today! Perhaps they are looking for some answers or product reviews to see whether or not you are worth dealing with.

Equal opportunities for everyone

There is no reason that a small scale or limited funding should keep you from getting on the digital bandwagon and start promoting yourself online. The beauty of digital marketing and social media presence is that it gives equal opportunities to everyone.

It’s all about how creatively you can use it. You don’t even have to be a big corporation to get started. In fact, small businesses have a better chance of leveraging the power of social media than big ones.


By running an ad campaign with PPC, you can track your conversion rate. You can monitor how your ads are doing along with super useful data about your target customers. You can make sense of your marketing efforts in just one look. You can also see where you’re lacking and making changes accordingly. You can also contrast two different ad campaigns and see which one was more effective. With time you can fine-tune your strategies until you have fully optimized.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there’s no reason why you should not use digital marketing. If you’re still not online, it’s high time to get started! Believe us when we say this – it’s not as complicated as it looks!

Sunny Popli is the owner of SPOPLI Web Development & Services. He loves to learn and grow. His key interest areas are to learn and implement the latest & impactful ideas in the field of digital marketing.

Thanks Sunny – appreciate your insights.

Shawn Kinkade Kansas City Business Coach