Are you taking advantage of Technology?

Adam over at Ask the Biz Coaches blog recently had a great post on What can technology do for your business?  Adam suggested a few tips to consider when it comes to technology and your business:  (see details in the post).

Adam was inspired by using a new state of the art driver at the driving range.  About the same time I ran across the following news story that I was inspired with and found amazing:   2007/08/06 Levitate in the London Telegraph. 

In case it’s not clear, that is a picture of levitation in action.  The article explains that this is possible by reversing the Casimir force (a consequence of quantum physics) and could be used for all sorts of amazing applications. (read the article).

As the little kid in the movie the Incredibles says “THAT…WAS…AWESOME!!!”

It’s stuff like this that makes me believe that we are living in the most amazing time in recorded history.

You probably don’t need to do any planning for incorporating levitation into your daily business operations just yet, but there are a lot of slightly less amazing things that are coming out all the time.

Here are a couple of examples that I thought were interesting:  An Open Source Web conferencing application that allows shared presentations across the Internet for free.  Could be used for remote teams, clients or prospects.  – “an online electronic billing software application that maintains hourly time billing, along with flat fee and recurring billing, managed using your web browser.”  Easy to use  application to track hours across your team, fixed fees and invoices for customers.  – “Plaxo, Inc. keeps people connected by solving the common and frustrating problem of out-of-date contact information. Founded in July 2001, Plaxo provides a free service that securely updates and maintains the information in your address book.”  Ingenious way to make sure you keep up to date with all of your contacts, great for networking and prospecting.

There are literally hundreds (probably thousands) of additional applications that are available with a click of your mouse.  This is just a quick sampling.

Is there some aspect of your business that’s frustrating you or holding you back?  It might be time to search to see if there’s a new tool, application or way of doing business enabled by new technology.

What would you upgrade right now if you could?

Have you used anything new or cutting edge in your business?

I’m off to wash my hover car – have a great day!

Shawn Kinkade –