A Holiday wish to A-S-P-I-R-E in 2019

Dreams and Aspirations

It’s hard to believe another year is almost in the rear view mirror.  As you sit back and hopefully enjoy a few days of family and friends while counting your blessings during this holiday season, we would like to share what we hope is an Aspiring acrostic message for this Christmas Holiday Season.   Happy Holidays and our best to you in 2019!

How to A-S-P-I-R-E in 2019….

A – Attitude:  If there is one thing we all have the power to control it’s our attitude.   With so much negativity in the world, don’t get sucked into piling on.  A positive attitude is one of the greatest forces you can possess. Let your’s shine!

S – Success:  Remember to celebrate your success.  Companies often forget to celebrate their victories. Success often breeds success.  When something good happens, celebrate it!

P – Passion: Strive to find some level of passion in your work.  Study after study confirms that people who are passionate about their work are healthier & happier.  And, though not always the goal, they are often more financially secure.

I – Improvement: If you aren’t getting better you’re getting worse.  Challenge yourself to be a life-long learning.  It’s good for your brain.   Make continuous improvement a mantra you and your business work on every day.

R – Relationships: Build strong relationships. Never underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with a strong network of people, both professional and personal.  In many ways, our relationships get more disconnected as we get e-connected.  The strongest relationships are the ones you build without electronics.

E- Empower:  You have to let go.  You will never get where you want to go if you keep doing it all yourself.   If you really want to grow in the New Year, have an honest conversation with yourself and decide what you are willing to let go of so you can grow. 

Hopefully the past year has been good to you and your business too!  Though we never know for sure what the futures holds, one thing that is certain is that there will always be new challenges and new opportunities.  If you’ll consider making these five Aspiring ideals part of your business (and life) game plan, you should well on your way to a great New Year!

Again, Happy Holidays and we wish you the best in the New Year!

Chris Steinlage, Kansas City Business Coach