A Delicious addition to Web Browsing

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One of the fun things about the internet are all of the unusual (and sometimes clever) names that companies have developed for their products.  Some are fairly obvious (like YouTube or LinkedIn), some just sound interesting (like Squidoo or Gumshoo).  Somewhere in the middle is Delicious (originally Del.icio.us) a Social Bookmarking application that I’ve found to be a great tool.

Delicious solves several problems:

  1. Bookmark a website and be able to find that bookmark from any computer.
  2. Easily find your book marked site by using your own descriptive tags.
  3. Find relevant and popular data submitted by millions of other users.

Delicious solves all of the above and more.  Save interesting sites to your Delicious account with tags that are meaningful to you.  Share those sites with co-workers or friends (and check out the sites they shared with you).  Need to find a site later – just log into your account from any computer and search by keyword or tag.  Doing research on something?  Do a search overall on Delicious and find the most recent pages, the most popular pages or just what people are saving the most of right now.

Delicious – You’ll wonder how you managed with out it.

Shawn Kinkade  Kansas City Business Coach

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