7 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Motivation and Productivity

This is a guest post from Peter Rossi (see bio at end of post) – thanks Peter.

Motivation and productivity go hand in hand but are difficult to achieve. We’ve seen different tactics, too. The productivity show. Employee engagement books. Achievement motivation, a motivation assessment scale, and even 100 days of productivity.

But the center for motivation and change comes from a sense of belief and caring in the team. It is about creating a relaxing space. So, while you may not be able to get a sweet hot tub to relax in like the Coleman lay-z-spa, there are other ways to show that you care for and hope to motivate employees.

Motivation can be a great tool. Some companies reward their best achievers with the best TVs or the best laptops (here is a list of the best laptops under $600, for instance). There are other effective ways to motivate employees and boost productivity with these being some of the best.

See and Share the Big Picture.

When you share the big picture the better everyone understands your vision and the end result. Meaningful work and burnout are a fine line to walk, and the disengagement theory is something that the most progressive businesses are tackling.

Try to get the message across that the employees should be concerned with the result as the result impacts them as well. When all hands are pulling the rope in the same direction, the business takes on a more meaningful approach. Most importantly, new businesses in particular need all hands on deck to drive the business forward into a successful future.

Envision and Share Positive Outcomes

We all want the positive outcome. To see the end result from all the work put in. Employee engagement is often described in terms of getting everyone to share the same vision for the future and to build on positive outcomes.

It’s good to be in positive energy balance when you’re in the business world. We all know that there are more than enough negative experiences to go around. By balancing those negative experiences with positive ones, you keep everyone working towards the same goal instead of falling by the wayside to discouragement. Here’s a great article on How to Write a Performance Improvement Plan for a more tangible way of doing this…

Provide a Sense of Security

While some employees are looking for the next big endeavor, many are simply looking for a company that will give a sense of security. Feeling secure enough and a debt of gratitude from the company can be enough to keep workers moving forward.

According to equity theory, workers are likely to be motivated when they feel like they have something to lose as well. World gratitude day is a start but providing that sense of caring and security is what really drives employees. Let them know that they are protected and that the company has their back, and they will go farther than you realize.

Create the Right Atmosphere

We all want to create an awe-inspiring environment. The right atmosphere is like a pleasure ground with funny motivational posters. In reality, the environment comes down to not only how employees interact with management, but how they interact with one another.

By creating a positive work environment, you create a space that employees feel welcome and attracted to. When the space is toxic, either from a management standpoint or with other employees, it leaks down into motivation and work quality levels. Create a better work environment and employees will want to come to you.

Perk Up Your Employees

As much as funny motivational posters get used, they are not quite as effective as one would think. We’ve all seen the motivational card and motivational meditations put to use, but do they work to perk up employees?

If you are looking to perk up employees, listen to their needs. Maybe it’s a lounge area where they can decompress and converse. Maybe it’s a coffee maker in the kitchen. Whatever the case, perk up your employees and make them feel cared for.

When employees feel cared for and paid attention to, they are willing to go a lot further. Perk up is the friend of both employer and employee.

Boost Team Spirit with Matching Swag

Looking to boost spirit? As much as a boost spirit tutorial would help, the truth about employee engagement is that they want to feel part of the team. Something to boost spirit, as simple as matching shirts, means a lot.

Consider using strengths to increase motivation. Boost spirit by listening to the strengths of each member and assigning them accordingly. With a little bit of matching swag, everyone can feel on the same page despite being on different tasks.

Besides, matching swag shows an investment in the employees. That investment of time and resources can show them that they are worth it. That is a spirit boost unlike any other and can push them to new motivational levels.

Champion Friendly Competition

If you are wondering “how does employee participation increase motivation?”, consider a friendly atmosphere centered around friendly competition. Moreover, group identity and healthy competition are consequences of group cohesiveness.

Friendly competition encourages employees to out work one another without serious consequences. By providing incentives to foster that competition, you can bring out the very best in a team. By keeping the competition on a friendly level, you can also keep feelings from being hurt.

Walking the line of friendly competition is essential. When things get too heated, it can take away from production and lead to a petty battle between team members. Keep them on the same page and working to best one another.


Motivation is a precarious balancing act for most organizations. It has to be sincere, or employees will see through it. It also can’t be too pushy, or employees will naturally fight against it.

Finding that right balance is key. When a proper work environment with inspiring motivational tools is achieved, it becomes a destination for both current and new hires. It also means improved productivity and a sense of pulling towards the same goals. All of these are hallmarks of a truly great organization from top to bottom.

Hi, I’m Peter Emmanuel Rossi, a professional hot tub designer and founder of ByRossi. After having spent over 10 years designing hot tubs for Jacuzzi Group, I started a private practice. Now I design bespoke hot tubs for high-end apartments. I am based in New York, but my clients are all over the world – from San Francisco to Paris, Dubai, London and Tokyo.

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