3 ways to Spring Your Business Forward

Great Flower Clock picture by David Paul Ohmer via Flickr

Great Flower Clock picture by David Paul Ohmer via Flickr

Did you feel it this past Sunday morning at 2AM, that magical moment where we spontaneously transport ourselves one hour into the future, yet nothing else around us has changed?   It may be the closest thing we have to time travel; even it is only an hour.

Who knows, maybe that was George Vernon Hudson’s goal all along when he first suggested the idea of Daylight Savings Time in 1895!

Whether you consider yourself a time traveler or not, one thing is certain, when the annual “Spring Forward” event happens you are hard pressed not to start thinking about warmer weather and all the change that comes with spring.  But that precious hour you lost at 2AM is gone (at least for 6 months) and I sincerely hope you weren’t up working at that time.

In your business, losing hours here and there throughout the week is something we all deal with; even the best of best struggle with it at times.  I understand, sometimes life simply gets in the way.

But…what if you could get that hour back and then some?

This past week, I had a couple interesting conversations about time management.  In fact, it is regular topic for discussion with our clients, in our workshops & presentations, and the educational material we produce.  Let’s face it, we all have the same 24 hours in each of our days and schedules today are more demanding than ever.  Efficiency is king and if you aren’t productive rather than just busy; those who are, are going to leave you eating their dust.  It’s imperative you manage your time effectively.

Spring your Business Forward….3 things you can do today.

1)      Have a 15 minute planning session every day. 

Depending on your business, this may be a short managers meeting or a private meeting with yourself.  The goal is to create a targeted, concise and prioritized “What Matters Most”  list for the day.  It will create a laser focus for the important tasks at hand that day.  Staring at a list with more “To-Do” items on it than is humanly possible to complete is emotionally draining.

2)      Delegate away 2 things you’re currently doing.

Make a list of the top 10 things that steal time from you on an average week.  Which two could you most easily delegate to someone else (in house or outsourced) allowing that business function to be executed properly without you doing it.  This may take some training, but the reward is well worth the effort.

3)      Check your Email, text, social media, and Voicemail on a set schedule.

Schedule specific times of the day to check your email and check in.  If you absolutely must have your email open, turn off the notifications so you aren’t getting interrupted every few minutes with an audio sound.  A recent study found it takes up to 20 minutes for someone to refocus after being interrupted.  In this world of instant messaging, tweets and updates, it’s a wonder anyone can concentrate!

We would love to hear how you plan to Spring Your Business Forward this year and get back that hour you lost last Sunday night or eliminate some you have been losing during the day.  If you have any other simple suggestions to share please we’d love to hear them.  We appreciate all comments and your input could likely help someone else out!

Chris Steinlage   Kansas City Business Coach