Two Resources that will show you the Future!

Technology is coming to all of us (keep an eye out for it!)  😉

Below are a couple of interesting looks at the pervasiveness of Social Media – everyone is talking about it and now it looks clear that most people are participating in it in some fashion.

Social Media Revolution!

The first piece does a great job putting Social Media participation into perspective.  Several of the statistics are a little questionable, but directionally they’re correct so the overall point is totally valid.  Take a look:


If you have any trouble with the video or if you’d like some additional background on the statistics that are presented – here’s the source posted on Socialnomics – Social Media Blog.

Consumer Technographics Data!

Consumer Technographics…a sexy title for some pretty cool information! 

The second piece of information that just came out is from Forrester Research.  They’ve been doing a lot of in-depth analysis on who and how many people are participating in the Social Media space.  They’ve even broken down the definition of participation into 6 different categories, differentiating between people that are creating content vs. those that critique or simply join social networks.


If you look at just the default data, you’ll see that the number of inactive participants is at 18%, so more than 80% of adults are participating in Social Media in some capacity.  Check the Forrester Groundswell blog for more information on this data and Social Media Participation growth year over year.  It’s some fascinating data – and very interesting to see how the US compares to other countries.

Are you participating in Social Media?  Do you still think it’s a fad that’s going away soon?  Share your thoughts below, I’d love to hear them.

Shawn Kinkade   Kansas City Business Coach