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Stop Doing Everything and Get More Done

There’s a secret to success that doesn’t get a lot of discussion around entrepreneurs. Doing less. Check out your favorite online guru, thought leader, or growth expert and you’ll likely hear a lot about the importance of ‘hustle’, effort, or hard work. And not without good reason – it takes a lot of work to […]

Are you Firefighting more than 10% of your time?

I recently talked to a business owner who’s done a great job growing their business. They’ve gone from 50 employees to almost 350 in just a few years…! But they are coming up to a common inflection point in terms of growing a business – a point where they have to purposely address how they […]

3 Things to Consider when Launching

I had a great discussion with a new entrepreneur last week – he’s been working a few side hustles for a while, but after 2 years of thinking and planning, he’s ready to launch a new stand-alone business. Every business (and start-up) is different, but as we were talking, 3 key points came up that […]

Struggle Vs. Flow – Red Flags for Your Business

You’re probably familiar with the statistics on small business failure rates – based on a recent study, about 50% of small businesses (with employees) will fail within the first 5 years. It’s an interesting data point, but I think it’s also misleading. I think the problematic word is failure – it’s not that most of […]

3 Ways to Level Up Your Small Business

Small business is booming in the US. With many people giving up their big-business jobs in favor of venturing out on their own, and established small businesses making up a whopping 32.5 million, it’s obvious the age of the entrepreneur is here. Here are some ideas to help level up your small business no matter […]

How to Upsell and make Customers even Happier…

Do you know what could really make a difference in a small business’s revenue? Upselling. Upselling is when businesses try to convince their customers to buy an upgraded version of a product or service. For example, let’s say you go into a restaurant and ask for water. When the waiter lets you know it’s happy […]