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Are Foggy Lenses Limiting Your Business?

You never know what you might discern during a good father-daughter project.  Here’s something that came to me in a recent project of my own. In life and business we all can be impacted by foggy lenses.     In the early 1990’s the auto industry started switching from glass lens headlights to plastic lens covers.  […]

Building the best Operating System (foundation) for your Business

How many Operating Systems does your business use?  In our tech driven world when you hear “Operating System” it immediately leads most to think iOS (Apple),  Windows, Linux, or Android.   But in this context of the question asked, it will only be as metaphor to help make a point. If you want your business to […]

Could your business be reinvented?

There was a little secret sauce released in an interview this past week that reaffirmed that any business can be reinvented.   And based on this example, business age and size has little to do with it.   It was much more about having vision and creating a plan of where they wanted to go and then […]

What’s your definition of success?

Culturally the US has a real problem when it comes to trying to keep up with the Joneses (who knew there was a wikipedia article on that phrase?).  Business owners and entrepreneurs aren’t immune from this issue and probably even have it worse than the general public. As an entrepreneur starting out, you are going […]