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Celebrating the Chiefs – could your business be next?

No less than a half dozen people asked if there was a business blog coming tied to the Chiefs Super Bowl Victory.   I guess when you’ve been waiting 50 years, it’s expected.  And by now we all know “You Gotta Fight for the Right to Party!   What’s great about sports and business is that […]

When’s the last time you thought about Trust?

There are a handful of things that can be a huge pivot point for any businesses prospects going forward. Get them right and things will likely be good. Get them wrong and you’re probably soon to be out of business. One of those things is trust…! I’ve recently had a really bad business experience and […]

Why President’s Day is more than a Monday

The origin of President’s Day dates back to 1885 to honor the birth date of George Washington, our 1st US President.  It continued each Feb. 22nd thereafter, until 1971, when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act went into effect, permanently moving President’s Day to the 3rd Monday of February.  This Act also included a provision to […]

Building the best Operating System (foundation) for your Business

How many Operating Systems does your business use?  In our tech driven world when you hear “Operating System” it immediately leads most to think iOS (Apple),  Windows, Linux, or Android.   But in this context of the question asked, it will only be as metaphor to help make a point. If you want your business to […]

Aligning Goals & Values

Prefer to listen to this post? Click the start button below…   Establishing goals and defining values with our clients is one of the fundamental exercises we try to work through in trying to help create a road map for their future.   Candidly, the” buy-in” from our clients in this process varies.  Though almost every […]

How do you score on these 3 Value Drivers?

One of the ‘secrets’ to long term business success is to build your business as if you’re going to sell it…whether you actually intend to sell it or not.  This shift in mindset – looking at your business as an asset that you can and should be improving – helps you prioritize and focus on […]