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Want better Marketing? A different approach…

Small business owners generally have a healthy fear of marketing. Not all of them – a few have it figured out (or have a marketing background). But a majority struggle with it – and that’s too bad, because it doesn’t have to be that complicated. The fear is understandable – marketing is often presented as […]

Leadership and Succession – Know Thyself

This past week a business I have some affiliations with announced a change of ownership. A new President/Owner is taking the reins and leading the organization into the future. It was not an overnight knee jerk decision by the previous owner; in fact it had been months in the making. It was quietly done for […]

Pull and Stay? Are you UnMarketing?

In his book ‘UnMarketing’ author Scott Stratten talks about a lot of things.  He talks a lot about twitter, about the essence of what marketing is today (versus 10 or 20 years ago), about the the criticality of engagement and a lot of interesting stories and anecdotes from his personal experiences. It’s all good stuff, […]