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Are you playing to your strengths?

Maybe it just goes with this time of the year; businesses are reflecting on their year and planning for the next.  Companies are making assessments on all sorts of things, their product offerings, their current employee teams, if they have people in the right seats, what’s good, what’s bad, or what needs improvement?   And as […]

Key Lessons from The CEO Next Door

The CEO Next Door is a new book written by Elena Botelho, Kim Powell and Tahl Raz and unlike many leadership books, it’s based on a lot of hardcore research which leads to some interesting insights about what it takes to be an effective CEO / Business Leader. Botelho and Powell have done an in-depth […]

Feeling Stagnant in your business? Here’s what NOT to do…

I talked with two different business owners last week and both remarked that they were feeling like they were stuck. Things in the business were fine, but it all felt very similar to last year… and the year before… and in general they were starting to feel like they were just going through the motions.  […]

Are you being Self-Sabotaged?

“What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” it’s a thought-provoking question that is usually credited to the late evangelist, Robert Schuller.   Many others have used a version of it.  It was the opening question by Regina Dugan, former director of DARPA in a great TED Talk several years ago […]

Business Strategies for Your Cinderella Story…

We all know the story of Cinderella.  Originally written in 1697 by Charles Perrault, it is the inspiring fairy tale of the underdog winning.  Though, it was the movie magic of Walt Disney’s animation studio in 1950 that ensured Cinderella would become one of the most popular fairy tales of all time. Every March, NCAA […]

What Superlative does your business own?

What is your business best at?  If you were to finish this sentence – what words would you use? “We deliver the most (or best)  __________ to our customers!”   If you’re like the majority of businesses out there… and you’re honest about it, you probably can’t finish that sentence. And that’s okay for now. […]