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Charting the Path to Entrepreneurship When You Have a Poor Financial History

This is a guest post from Gloria Marinez (see her bio at the end…). If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a business owner but you have a checkered financial past, you might be afraid to jump into entrepreneurship. According to Capitalist Creaions, fear is one the biggest reasons people don’t pursue business ownership. However, you […]

Ecommerce Resources for Entry-Level Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post from Gloria Martinez (see bio at the end) – thanks Gloria… Starting your own ecommerce business can be a great way to make your debut as an entrepreneur. Ecommerce typically carries very little risk, and when it pays off, it can do so on an impressive scale. Plus, due to […]

Want to start a business? Carpe Diem!

This is a guest post from Derek Goodman – check out his bio at the end of the article. Thanks Derek…! There is no time like the present to get moving toward your dream of business ownership. If you have been reluctant to begin the start-up process due to the pandemic, consider some compelling reasons […]

5 Mistakes I Made as an Entrepreneur (and what I learned from them)

This is a guest post by Nicholas Rubright – Nicholas shares his experiences of starting up a company and some lessons learned. Worth your time to check it out. You can see more information on Nicholas at the end of the post. Thanks Nicholas – Shawn Kinkade Kansas City Business Coach As an entrepreneur, I […]

Did Russell Stover see a ‘Chocolate Prairie’?

Picture from National Museum of American History via Flickr Though they never coined the phrase, almost a century before the Midwest started promoting itself as the “Silicon Prairie”, Russell and Clara Stover may have viewed this region more appropriately as the “Chocolate Prairie”.   Their rags to riches story speaks volumes to the power and will […]

Hot start-up story–what can you learn?

photo by Tilemahos It’s an age old problem – you want hot coffee (or tea, cocoa, whatever)…but not too hot.  Oh, and you want it to stay the right amount of hot for the longest time possible. Insulated mugs help some, but there’s never really been a great solution to this problem…until now assuming you […]