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5 Reasons why your marketing isn’t working

There’s no doubt that growing your business is an uphill battle.  It’s a challenging economy and the rules have changed for marketing and sales.  Gone are the days when you could just run an ad somewhere and expect your phone to ring.  Effective marketing (and sales) today is a much different game than it was […]

3 Tools to help you get found locally

One of the keys to success with small business (and one of the challenges) is that your potential customers need to be able to find you before they can actually spend any money with you. Of course you also need to have a product or service that solves their problem, presented in such a way […]

Why librarians win at Google Search Results!

  photo by marnox1  Search Engine Optimization has become a mystical term, invoking the idea of wizards laboring in their lofty towers to get websites onto the first page of Google. The reality is that SEO for really competitive online sites is an arcane art and if your business is going up against the big […]

Are you standing out? 8 examples on getting found!

Photo by Adam Pniak These days more than ever it’s critical that your business stands out from the crowd (for the right reasons). Recent studies show that an ever growing majority of people are turning to the internet first to solve their problems and buy solutions, services and products.  Specifically they’re using search engines like […]