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Oregon Revisited…

It’s been nearly 15 years since we sold our business in Oregon and moved to Kansas.  This past week, we returned for the first time to the place our now 17 year old daughter was born.  It was also the first time our little family spent in the state as Oregon tourists and not Oregon […]

This week in history – Firsts

Sometimes it’s inspirational to take a few minutes and think about notable things that have happened in history.  When something broke through and become a ‘first’. In June this past summer, the US Patent and Trademark office issued their 10 millionth utility patent.  In 2017 alone there were almost 350,000 patents granted.    The entrepreneurial spirit […]

Why Finding Time for Reflection is Critical for Your Business

It’s easy to get out of control with your business – especially when things are going well. Imagine you’re in a car, speeding down a winding mountain road.  And it’s dark and raining. And your headlights aren’t working. And you’ve got to be somewhere in the next 2 hours… but you’ve forgotten where you need to […]