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Are people talking about your business?

  Business owners, especially those with smaller businesses, will tell you that one of the main ways they get new customers is through word-of-mouth. However, very few of those same business owners actually do anything to purposely generate word-of-mouth.  They’re just happy if it happens. Think about some of  your own experiences or maybe businesses […]

Business Growth – Recurring Revenue vs. Referring Revenue

Ask any seasoned business broker about the drivers of business value and you’re sure to get an ear full about the value placed on the volume of Recurring Revenue in a business.    Recurring revenue is coveted in the terms of business value because it’s predictable income.   It’s not a one and done sale. It’s whatever […]

Referrals – two important questions

Cartoon by Tom Fishburne at Brand Camp It was short, succinct, 10 question survey; each question followed by a 1 – 10 rating scale. The survey participants were all seasoned business professionals and business owners. The theme of the survey was referrals or intentional “word of mouth” endorsements recommending another business. In a perfect world […]

How to build your business over coffee!

  photo by annia316  A lot of business owners talk about growing their business by networking.  You imagine a crowded chamber after hours meeting and it’s hard to picture generating business in that kind of setting. The reality is you can’t (or at least it’s unlikely). What you can do at those kinds of events […]